Fibromyalgia Remedies?

by David Schneider
(Los Organos, Peru)

My wife suffers from diagnosed fibromyalgia and sometimes can hardly walk because of joint pain.

Drugs treat the symptoms but she has found the side effects end up being worse than the pain.

She is 54 years old, slim, and normally physically active and we spend a lot of time hiking the beaches here in tropical Peru looking for sea glass.

But although the beach is only ten minutes away, we have not been in a month.

She is in too much pain.

Sue-Anne's Reply:

The medical field recognizes that with fybromialgia there is a chronic imbalance of the nervous system as well as a lack of serotonin.

Usually the adrenal glands are weak. The disease may appear immediately following an emotional shock or accident. People with symptoms may be perfectionistic or hard on themselves. A virus or sleep disturbances can also be at the origin of fibromyalgia.

In working with your wife I would do a pH test to verify if the body is overly acidic, which is often the case, and balance that completely. We would reinforce the adrenal glands, improve her diet and decrease inflammation. There are many pages about inflammation under Immune System on my site.

Vitamins and supplements will help to reinforce the immune system and nervous system as well as antioxidants according to her personal needs. When she is stronger a detox is essential to eliminate toxins.

There is much that can be done to completely eliminate fibromyalgia using natural means.

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