Formula for Change

I recently started working with a business coach. In one session, he came up with ways for me to increase my business and ideas of different programs and packages I could offer.

 At the end of the session I felt overwhelmed.

Formula for Change

And then I had an 'Ah Ha!' moment. I realized, this is how my clients must feel when I give them too much to do at once.
As a naturopath, my goal is to help my clients make long term changes. But change isn't easy.  When we're used to eating a certain way it's hard to give up our favorite foods.

How can we ensure success?

First, we need to understand it's best to implement changes slowly to ensure they'll last long term. People need to go at their own pace.

There is a formula for change:

D x V + F > R

1.    You start with a sense of Dissatisfaction. You are unsatisfied in some way about your current situation.

2.    Then answer the question 'Why?' Why do you want to lose weight, improve your health, have more energy? This gives you a Vision, of your outcome. Picture your outcome regularly to help yourself believe you can attain it. With your outcome in mind, we can break your process toward change down into small manageable steps.

3.    You have to take the First steps. Most of us have a mental list of the habits or addictions that are holding us back from feeling and being our best selves. Pick one item on that list and sit down with it. What changes might you need to make in your schedule to start? What substitutions or supports can you find to help you make this one change into a habit?

A large part of the work I do with clients is to help them come up with an action plan and they can implement one step at a time. 
Sometimes my job is to help my clients realize the necessity for change. How, if they don't start making changes, they could be candidates for diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc.

Your Dissatisfaction gives you a Vision, which drives the willingness you need to take those First Steps. Taken together, these factors will be stronger than your Resistance.

Take Charge of Your Excusitis

Watch out for excusitis! It can undermine your goals.

You may start with excitement, but then find yourself making excuses to avoid the things you know you need to do. Excuses lead to failure, which leads to more excuses and more failure and then, perhaps, you start blaming the people or circumstances around you. It's a painful cycle.

When you hear yourself making excuses, it's important to reconnect with your vision in order to sustain the kind of energy you'll need to reach your goal.

How do I keep on eating
as healthily as I do?

For me, it's simple. I focus on how I want to feel. I love feeling great and having lots of energy to do what I want. I'm rarely  tired, I have no aches, pains, no headaches, no problems with my digestion, and I'm not on medication. I maintain my ideal weight and I feel strong. Can it get any better than that?

When I don't eat healthy foods - say I'm out at a party - invariably I might not sleep well and I won't feel well the next day. I believe that life is too short to not feel good.

Take it from me, the more you eat healthy, nutrient-dense foods, the more you crave them and the less you need those foods you know you should avoid.  It gets easier.