Healthy diet for a 4 year old boy

by Trupti

What is a healthy diet for a 4 year old boy?

Sue-Anne's Reply:

A healthy diet is important for children as they grow so quickly. They need good quality, nutritious food for their growing bones and their cells that multiply quickly. You can read my page, Healthy Eating Guidelines found on the nav bar on the left side of any page. It is good advice for all ages.

Parents should set the example, otherwise why would your child believe a fresh salad is good for him/her if you are not eating one? Children quickly get used to what they eat, if their diet contains highly refined sweet foods, they will constantly crave sweets and a negative pattern is set.

Many parents make the mistake of giving their children juice. This immediately spikes their glycemic levels up and again sets up a pattern for them to always crave sweets. Do not even dilute juice with water. Pure, straight water is best.

Ensure that they take a healthy lunch to daycare/school and are not stuck eating cafeteria food, high in refined carbohydrates. See also my Healthy Snacks page. Do not buy any ready made snacks such as granola bars, that are very high in sugar.

Finally, protein is key for growing children, it is the building blocks of the body. Poultry, fish, eggs, beans with whole grains, ensure good quality protein for each meal.

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