help for tumor, cyst and nodules

by Annie
(River Ridge LA 70123)

I am 57 years old. Live in and am a native of New Orleans. I am an RN. Trying to get the best vitamins for me all natural and I have celiac disease. Need D C A all B's you name it. Also iron. Need homeopathic help? Do you have any recommendations. I had a kidney tumor removed and a pseudocyst on pancreas and now nodules on thyroid. I want to stop all progression now.

Sue-Anne's Reply:

Hi Annie,

when the body has cysts, tumors and nodules, that is a sign that the body is holding onto toxins and not eliminating toxins as it should. Ok, to look at vitamins, but you also need to get to the cause of why your body is so overly intoxicated in the first place.

Have you been exposed to a lot of chemicals? Have you switched to only organic as much as possible to avoid pesticides and herbicides etc? Are you drinking about 8 glasses of water per day to ensure flushing the toxins out of your body? Are you getting plenty of fresh air and exercise?

How is your diet? Are you avoiding all processed, packaged and fast food and ensuring your diet is full of fresh vegetables and fruits, gluten free whole grains, nuts and seeds?

How are you at managing your stress and taking down time and getting adequate sleep? Are your bowels moving at least daily, as they should by eating lots and lots of high fiber foods, to further eliminate toxins from your body?

Doing a lot of deep abdominal breathing and dry brushing the skin is also very beneficial.

Are all of your beauty products and cleaning products only all natural, no chemicals? This is very important!

When these things are in place your body will start to heal. If your energy is stable a gentle detox would be highly recommended twice per year, spring and fall, you can email me for more information. ( we never cleanse if the body is in a weakened state.)

As for vitamins, yes the ones you named are a good choice. I recommend Nature's Sunshine, the quality is unsurpassed and the prices very reasonable. You order online, take a membership to get 33% off. You can use my name as your sponsor, my country is Canada, my account # is 2015000 and you choose a Classic account for the discount. Keep me posted as to have things are going and email me if you have any questions.


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