Hormonal Migraines

by D. Carter

I am 55 I have been getting menstrual migraines for 10 years, I have a hypothyroidism also, how do I get my hormones in balance naturally? I take Maxalt for the migraines and synthroid for thyroid. I am not in menopause.

Sue-Anne’s Reply:

There are a lot of factors to look at with migraines. Basically there are 2 kinds of migraines, vaso constrictive when it feels like the head is in a vice or being squeezed. In vasoconstrictive there is too little flow of blood to the brain, so remedies that enhance the blood circulation to the brain and relax the muscles such as gingko, or ginger may help.

With vasodilative headaches there is too much blood flow going to the brain, so blood needs to be drawn into the digestive tract with bitter herbs. Feverfew is an herb that can be used to prevent vasodilative migraines. There is often a liver problem so helping the liver is key.

For hormonal headaches a good quality ginger supplement is excellent. I highly recommend Nature’s Sunshine for their Ginger as it is the best quality; many others are just not strong enough and therefore ineffective. Message me for more information on how to order and save 20% off of the retail price.

You can start with 2 capsules with breakfast and 2 with dinner. If you feel fine then bring it up to 3 with breakfast and 3 with dinner and maintain that.

As always, eat a very healthy diet, no sugar or anything that contains it and avoid all white foods. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and drink lots and lots of pure fresh water. If you are dehydrated a migraine will be more severe and last much longer.

The good news is, that once you go through menopause your hormonal migraines should be a thing of the past. Keep me posted.

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