Hot flashes/night sweats

by Tanya

My name is Tanya and I started having hot flashes at age 33. I initially went on a high quality women's supplement and this temporarily relieved them- for 18 months.

Yes, I had stress and we had adopted a daughter who needed medical care adding more stress but it is now 13 yrs later, I'm now 45 and the symptoms are still bad and cannot be relieved long term by HRT or supplements or anything.

I desperately need help. Now when I take supplements, within 30 minutes, I have sweats. I had a major back surgery at age 15, 12 hr surgery actually. Staples closing my scar from butt bone to neck and pins in my head for a halo cast for 8 months. Oodles and oodles of doctors later- holistic as well as medical, my gut tells me it's inflammation related or liver related.

FSH tests at 33 showed I was in menopause. Medicine calls my condition premature ovarian failure. Saliva and blood tests show non-existent hormones- both estrogen and progesterone. I am still searching.

I cannot give up. If there is any words of wisdom or advice that you can share, I would be greatly greatly appreciative.
Hot and exhausted,,


Sue-Anne's Reply:

Hi Tanya,

sorry to hear that you have suffered so much! Yes there is a lot you can do on a natural side. First and foremost is a healthy diet and lifestyle. Are you eating plenty of whole foods in their most natural state possible?

Are you eating lots of dark leafy greens, drinking plenty of water, whole grains, no refined or packaged or processed or fast food? This is key. As well as of course, avoiding all white foods, and reducing or eliminating coffee and alcohol, and maintaining a healthy weight.

You are right in thinking your liver needs help. When we go through menopause the ovaries stop producing estrogen and the liver and adrenal glands take over, so it is essential to ensure these are functioning optionally.

Most people have a liver that is congested, due to our exposure to air pollution, pesticides on our foods, chemicals in our environment, taking advil or other medication, etc.

Hot water and lemon first thing in the morning can help, but ideally a simple liver detox would be done twice a year. I had one client who did a liver detox and the hot flashes she had for 15 years stopped! You can message me for more info re the detox.

Managing stress is key, as stress weakens the adrenal glands, making symptoms worse. A high quality time released vitamin C can help, or a supplement to support the adrenals.

I hope these suggestions help. Let me know how you make out.

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