How can I balance my depleted hormones or is it necessary?

by rose

I keep getting information that my hormones are imbalanced. So I took an extensive blood test and received a response, stating I do not have any testosterone, estrogen and progesterone.

But the course of action was to have an incision and pay over 600.00 periodically to have pellets placed inside my body through an injection. Is there any other way to consume the necessary dosage of hormones??

Sue-Anne's Response:
I am so glad you wrote. Obviously this is a complete scam! Women's hormones are reduced after menopause but they are still present! They do not disappear. Yes the ovaries stop producing estrogen and the levels fluctuate, causing menopausal symptoms but this eventually balances out.

Whoever did this test should be reported and shut down for malpractice.

When you go through menopause you want to ensure that you are eating as healthy as possible, you want to better manage your stress to help the adrenal glands balance your hormones. Exercise and ensure your liver is working up to par.

See my page about the liver.

Contact me if you have any more questions, but stay far away from any person giving you false information and then offering to inject you with God knows what!

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