How can I get rid of cystitis for ever?

by Sophie

I have been plagued with cystitis for years. I'm fed up with taking antibiotics and then ending up with thrush. Can you recommend something else I can try?

Sue-Anne's Reply:
The first thing I would question is if you have ever determined if Candida Albicans is present. This is an over abundance of yeast in the body which can cause recurrent cystitis amongst a host of other health problems, such as yeast infections.

I also had Candida many years ago and healed myself completely by making dietary changes and taking some supplements. The Yeast Connection Handbook is an excellent book to help you learn what to do to heal yourself. You need to eliminate sugar and other foods that feed the yeast.

Also, if doing a consultation I would want to figure out why your immune system is weak, resulting in recurrent bacterial infections. There could be many factors. On an emotional level sometimes high stress and anxiety increase acidity in the body resulting in an accumulation of toxins causing infections.

From the time you start taking antibiotics it is essential to take probiotics. Antibiotics kill the bad bacteria but also the good friendly bacteria and you need to replace them with acidophilus bifidus bought at a health food store. 1 capsule, 3 times a day on an empty stomach before meals for 3 months.

Repeatedly taking antibiotics weakens the immune system increasing chances of more cystitis and yeast infections. Natural antibiotics are an alternative. Feel free to contact me for more information.

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