How do I lower cholesterol and BP?

On my last physical my doctor told me my cholesterol was a bit high and blood pressure a bit elevated (not excessively). I know my diet is not the greatest but I am not over weight and my blood sugar levels are ok. I need to exercise more, that I know.

I work long hours (12 hour days) with no breaks in a very stressful environment....and oh yah...I work nights (18:30 to 06:30) every other week.

I used to run a lot and was thinking I'd get back into it. What say you? :)

Sue-Anne's Reply:
Getting back into running or another form of exercise is an excellent idea. Not only will it help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, it will also help relieve the stress of your job, which is another key factor in high BP and cholesterol.

As I mention on my page about hypertension (see Circulatory System) high blood pressure can take as many as 10 years off your life. Hopefully that will motivate you to start moving! Yoga is excellent as well, one of my students reduced her BP by 10 points when she joined my yoga class.

Choose lean meats and good fats, such as extra virgin olive oil and first pressed cold oils, rather than hydrogenated or refined oils. Use sun dried sea salt rather than table salt. Sel Marin de Guerande can be found in most grocery stores. Also, when you start running again you will probably find you start craving more healthy foods. Keep me updated!

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