How to diminish chicken pox scarring?

by Annette
(Montreal, Quebec)

Hi Sue,
My younger children recently acquired the pox.
Instead of putting calamine lotion on the pox since my son complained it made them more itchy,
I moisturized their skin with eucerine. This may have not helped the healing process thereby perhaps prolonging the healing of some scars that appear to be atrophic.

I have read for hours on the possible oils that may help to rejuvenate the skin but I fear causing anymore damage. If you can guide me on what is most recommended to use for this type of situation I would greatly appreciate it. My son who is 6 acquired the pox on November 30th 2011 and my daughter who is a year old acquired it on December the 13th.

I appreciate the wealth of information on your site and having the accessibility to ask you question in what seems to be a very overloaded topic that can steer one in the wrong direction.

Have a great day,

Sue-Anne's Response:

I have a lot of information regarding how to treat chicken pox naturally, while the kids have it, but unfortunately not many ides for treating chicken pox scarring afterwards. Aloe vera gel is one thing to be used topically while they have it.

Huile de rose musquée de Chili - is an oil that is good for scarring but it must be applied for 3 or 4 months. Make sure you buy a high quality organic oil at the health food store.

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