How to help eczema heal?

by Annette

Hello Sue-Anne,
First let me say thank you immensely for having suggested Rosehip Seed Oil for my children chicken pox scars. I really do believe that their skin would not have healed the same. I am amazed at how the results were quite immediate. Again I thank you for making that great suggestion.

Since their chicken pox, strangely they have developed eczema on their inner forearm specifically where you would bend your arm. They have never had any skin irritations prior to the chicken pox and they are almost 7 and 2.

I am convinced that it is related and I would like to know what natural oil we can try to calm the symptoms down. We have been using eucerin cream, it is not really working.
Thank you for your expertise in advance.

Sue-Anne's Reply:
Glad the Rosehip oil helped Annette. It is hard for me to offer suggestions without doing a consultation to gather all the information I need. Has a dermatologist confirmed that it is eczema, or could it be something else? It is very surprising that they would both have eczema.

How was the chicken pox treated? Did they take something that might have been hard on the liver? Many types of medication are hard on the liver. There are many different causes of eczema, if that is what it is, so by doing a complete evaluation in person I would be better able to determine the cause and work on a remedy.

Some possible causes of eczema include, food allergies or intolerances. A weakening of the digestive system or liver, so a need for digestive enzymes, or supplements to boost the liver, or a cleanse. A type of bacteria or a yeast type of infection or parasites. Candida albicans. A lack of essential fatty acids.

If it is a bacteria or fungal type of infection on the skin then a pau d'arco lotion applied topically can help. There are many other possibilities such as oregan grape extract, which can be used even for babies with eczema, but as I mentioned, we need to first determine the cause.

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