How to Make Smoothies

If you want to learn how to make smoothies it is quite simple. Start with healthy ingredients...add in fresh fruit, and blend. Ice cold drinks are a shock on the digestive system so avoid adding ice and defrost your fruit first if it is frozen. Use plain yogurt as most fruit-sweetened yogurt is extremely high in sugar. The varieties are endless. The best protein shake is a perfect alternative for kids who usually fill up on highly sweetened breakfast cereals, and whose diet is high in carbohydrates. Enjoy slowly as it is a meal in itself.

how to make smoothies

Start with 8 ounces of soya milk, rice milk, almond milk or other

Berries and/or banana (not acidic fruit)
1/3 cup organic plain yogurt and/or soft tofu
2 scoops of high quality whey protein powder or soy powder 

Optional ingredients:
1 to 2 teaspoons natural flavor, vanilla, or other
a few drops liquid stevia or a teaspoon xylitol
1 egg yolk 

This is a good breakfast option for someone on the run and a perfect recovery drink for athletes after a workout. 

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