How to treat food addiction the natural way

by Linda

In my family, we love to eat. But one of us is taking it to the next level. I think she needs help and I hope you can come up with natural solution!

She knows it all about healthy eating, and she even practices raw or vegan diet sometimes. She has an intention to do it all the time, but the truth is, she never does. Instead, her butt sticking out of the fridge is the most frequent picture that I see.

She eats until she feels numb and so full she is about to burst, this is the way she describes it. She cannot stop. She eats fast food and bad stuff even though her religion totally prohibits her doing that.

How can she be helped? She feels she cannot stop herself no matter how hard she tries.

Sue-Anne's Reply:
Because you tell me that this is an addiction, I believe that with any addiction, drugs, alcohol, work, etc. There is an underlying emotional cause. Also you say, "she eats until she feels numb." What is the pain that she is trying to numb?

The cause of weight gain is often psychological. Why and when did she start gaining weight? Is she open to getting help? Talking to a professional? Making changes?

I have a page about the causes of weight gain on my site. The link is on the weight loss plan page. I would start by discovering the cause so we can then work towards the solution.

I have great success with my clients with weight loss, using the metabolic-energy type plan catered to their own needs and lifestyle. When she is ready you can suggest she contact me for a free initial consultation to find out more.

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