by Jo Ann L. Schot

What can I eat to help me stay in good health? I also have celiac and Dermatitis-Herpetaformis.

Sue-Anne's Reply:

While I do not have much knowledge about sjogren's syndrome, as it is an immune system disorder, you want to do everything you can to keep your immune system strong and eat as healthy as possible.

Eat as many fresh vegetables and fruits per day as possible, especially dark leafy greens, watercress, celery, apples and sprouts. Eat whole, fresh foods, ensure you get adequate amounts of lean protein, from fish, eggs, beans and poultry, preferably organic. Avoid all mucous forming foods like milk and dairy.

Brown rice and quinoa are good choices for you. While there are now many gluten free packaged foods, they are still processed, packaged foods, made with poor quality oils etc, so stay away from processed foods as much as possible. Get your healthy fats from raw organic nuts and seeds, avocados, sardines, salmon and choose only extra virgin olive oil and first pressed cold oils.

Drink plenty of pure water, avoid coffee and tea or any sweetened drinks. If you have a juicer you can make juices with celery, parsley, carrot and apples.

I suggest you test your pH and ensure your body is not overly acidic, an overly acidic body is prone to disease.

Dry brushing the skin daily, gently with a Bernard Jensen natural fiber bristle brush is good way to reduce acidity in the body.

Learn how to manage stress, practice meditation and positive thinking, get plenty of fresh air and moderate exercise.

While conventional medicine may say some diseases can not be cured I believe the body has a natural ability to heal when given the proper tools. Every disease has an underlying cause, when we determine the cause and begin to strengthen and restore the body we can work toward a cure.

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