Liver detox

Hi I've had all my colon removed due to ulcerative colitis. It's been 15 years ago this happened. I have what they call a J pouch acting as my colon. Is it safe for me to do a liver detox?

Looking forward to hear from you.
PS. Where can I purchase your cook book other than online?

Sue-Anne's Reply
Hi, in your case, I would suggest simply taking a cup of hot water with the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon every morning. The liver loves that and it naturally helps the liver to eliminate toxins.

Other cleanses would probably be too harsh for you. can I safely assume that you are eating a very healthy diet now with lots of fresh produce, fruits an vegetables, whole grains, beans, raw organic nuts and seeds, and drinking plenty of pure water every day. And so important to get plenty of fresh air and exercise.

The more you improve your health overall the happier your liver will be. You can find more information on my page about the liver?

You can only purchase my cookbook online: super-healthy-recipes

I hope this helps,

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