Low blood sugar

by Cinzia
(Montreal, Canada)

My daughter seems to suffer from low blood sugar, especially after school. When she comes home and is hungry in the afternoon, the slightest thing can set her off and she'll completely fly off the handle.

Is there a power bar or something she can have as a snack that can help?

Sue-Anne's Reply:
Many people suffer from low blood sugar or hypoglycemia, mostly due to a diet high in refined carbohydrates and a lack of protein.

There are two main things to do:
1. Reduce sweets and refined carbohydrates and
2. Increase protein,
for all meals, snacks and especially at breakfast.

For breakfast, 2 eggs are ideal. For a change from eggs a high protein shake with an unsweetened protein powder, either whey or soy. Use unsweetened soy milk, rice or almond milk. Add in some yogurt or soft tofu, berries, and / or a ripe banana, an egg yolk, and sweeten with stevia or xylitol.
Toast can be made with spelt or kamut sourdough bread (Ynew is a brand of healthy bread available in Montreal) and a thick layer of raw almond butter for some protein (Maranatha makes a very good raw almond butter.)

Having a high protein breakfast will help keep her more satisfied and balanced throughout the day. Make sure she has a high protein morning snack and lunch.

Most store bought power bars are high in sugar and low in protein, check the labels. There are many snack ideas on my "Healthy Snacks" page on my site. Some home made trail mix or a home made power bar for her to snack on, on the way home for school should have her arrive home happy and more pleasant to be around. :)

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