by Jasmine Ortiz
(Virginia Beach, VA)

My mother in law has been getting really bad migraine headaches for the past 8-9 months now and the doctors that she has seen cannot seem to figure out what the problem is. We were under the impression that they were true migraines, so she has changed her diet and has followed all the instructions for the prevention but she still gets them from time to time.

She has had a CT Scan and is seeing a chiropractor once a week.
She says that she can feel them coming on and that the pain begins in the back of her neck. She does not vomit all the time, but she does vomit also.

Sue-Anne's Reply:

In doing a consultation with your mother in law I would look into her diet, lifestyle, stress levels, health history, etc. I would need to know when she gets a migraine, what time of the day, what time of the month, etc.

Where the pain is felt is an indication of what could be the cause, the hairline to behind the head could indicate stomach problems. The nape of the neck, hormonal issues.

One of my clients always had her migraines in the morning. It was easy to determine that they were caused by hypoglycemia due to eating a light, vegetarian dinner the night before without enough protein.

Another client kept track of her debilitating migraines and we quickly determined that they were happening right before her periods and when she was ovulating. Some natural supplements alleviated the problem in no time at all.

Other causes include, stress, nutritional deficiencies, digestive issues, pollution or toxins and high blood pressure. If she is interested in booking an online consultation, I'd be happy to help her out.

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