Motivation tips for weight loss

Your top motivation tips for weight loss include 3 things! Here they are in my latest blog post for September 

Summer is a perfect time for parties, BBQs, cottage time, vacations, the ocean or lake, drinks on a terrace, long nights, backyard parties, weddings, fun, and indulgences.

But that often spells weight gain!

I Love September! Fresh air, warm days, cool nights, Back to school. You can feel the palpable excitement in the air.

From the time you were little, September meant new clothes, school supplies, a new level in school, new beginnings. Harness this infectious energy to make positive changes! It's a perfect time to start new things.

Motivation tips for weight loss

1. Focus on how you want to feel

How would your life be different if you lost that 10 to ___ pounds you've been so wanting to for years?
What would it be like to wear nice, tight fitting clothes and feel proud of how you look? What if you had tons of energy all day long without any afternoon slump?

How would that make you feel?

2. Spend 95% of your time focusing on the solution.

Most people spend their time focusing on the problem.

What are the 3 things you need to do? Write them down and spend 95% of your time focusing on them and the positive outcomes they will bring you.

3. Focus on your attitudes, philosophy and feelings about yourself, adding positive motivation tips for weight loss for yourself.

This suggestion comes from Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine. "You will only ever have the health that matches your level of self image, self worth and your beliefs. Go to work on you, your beliefs about yourself and your personal philosophy, who you are and who you are worthy of becoming."

"You can only achieve the health you think you are worthy of."

In order to succeed with your motivation tips for weight loss how can you love yourself a little more each day? Can you focus on how wonderful your body is and how much it does for you? How it has taken you through so much this far. When a negative thought comes up, switch it to a positive affirmation and make that your new mantra.

U.S. bans antibacterial soap!

This is amazing news that happened a few days ago. Unfortunately Canada is not following suit yet, hopefully soon!

The FDA ordered all products containing antibacterial ingredients, such as triclosan and triclobarca  be removed from shelves within 1 year. Roughly 40% of soaps contain these harmful ingredients.

Studies proved that they are no more effective than regular soaps!  The Environmental Working Group hailed the bans as progress.

"EWG has been conducting research and advocating for this exact federal government action for nearly a decade, and our work, as well as that of other public interest groups and many of our supporters, has finally paid off."

In recent years the cosmetics and cleaning sectors have largely replaced triclosan in hand soaps, although it is still found in some acne products, body washes and Colgate Total toothpaste.

These chemicals are known to be associated with endocrine (hormonal) toxicity.