Get your full evaluation with
weekly follow up coaching sessions

The fact is…

making changes can be very challenging!

Receiving high quality support is critical to your success. Take advantage of having someone you can be accountable to. That way you can rest assured that your new changes become long lasting healthy habits!

Do you have health issues you need help with? Or perhaps you’ve tried different ways to lose weight, but it hasn’t worked out yet.

My name is Sue-Anne Hickey, I'm a certified naturopath and I'd love to help you on your journey to health!

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Are you worried you won’t be able to follow through on your own? No problem. Hire me and we'll do a full evaluation (90 minutes) and  thirty minute weekly follow up sessions covering all aspects of your health.

My expertise will determine your metabolic-energy type. Focusing onyour body's specific natural needs we'll determine healthier alternative foods for you and the best times to eat them.

Create your own step by step program towards optimal health and high energy and go at your own pace, so it’s easier for you.

  • Test you pH, receive a complete analysis and ways to balance acidity
  • The perfect detox or cleanse for your body type to kick start your weight loss
  • Hormonal help for women, PMS, menstrual issues, menopause, etc.
  • Lifestyle changes, stress management, help with emotional balance
  • Reduce and be free of medication
  • Learn which supplements and vitamins will benefit you most
  • The best exercise for your own metabolic-energy type
  • Learn which foods to replace with better, healthier alternatives for you

By doing this I guarantee you will begin to feel the transformation taking place.

Also, you get unlimited email support to answer any questions that arise in between our calls.

We can use skype or phone.

Your health is the most precious gift you have. The changes you make today will affect your quality of life tomorrow.

Order now and change your life forever.

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