Online Health Consultation
or consultations in person

An online health consultation is an easy way to work with me and achieve your weight loss or health goals in the comfort of your own home.

Hello! My name is Sue-Anne Hickey. I feel so fortunate to do what I absolutely love every day. I've helped hundreds of people lose weight and regain their health. Healthy eating, nutrition and lifestyle has been my passion for over 25 years.

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I love sharing my knowledge with my clients so that you too can transform your health and life forever life as I have!

If you've tried countless diets before and they've never worked. If you're tired of depriving yourself. If you're tired of feeling bloated, having digestive issues, no energy, allergies, or other ailments.

If you are frustrated by not being able to lose that last 20 or so pounds? If you are so tired of dieting, counting calories and depriving yourself?

I can help!

What's your dream?

online health consultation

Do you dream...

...of losing the weight and finally being able to keep it off forever?

...of having more energy all day every day to do the things you love?

...of not having to wear baggy clothes?

...of getting dressed quickly and easily in the morning

...of feeling satisfied and balanced?

...of losing the fat where you most want to?

...of getting off of your medication?

...of healing what ails you naturally?

....of living in a pain free, healthy body?

You can, I can show you how!

Live the life of your dreams!

I work with you and give you a personalized plans that meets all of your needs, your busy lifestyle, your food preferences and most importantly, you body type.

Because let's face it...

One diet does not fit all!

Every-body is different. Everyone has a unique metabolism rate. Different times of the day when their energy is high and low. Everyone’s glandular system works differently. Everyone gains weight in different places. This is crucial to weight loss and health and unbelievably it is rarely taken into account!

I give you the first steps and guide you along your path to success.

It’s simple; once we figure out your type, you have your plan.

  • No counting calories
  • No counting points
  • No meetings
  • No online forums
  • No weighing food
  • Save time and money

Imagine learning what foods are good for you and when to eat them.

Book your online health consultation today and discover how to nourish your body with exactly what it needs!

The result?

  • Easy, natural weight loss
  • Reduce and eliminate cravings
  • Obtain optimal health and balanced energy

What does this mean for you?

  • Lose fat where you need to, belly, thighs, bum
  • Put an end to your dieting
  • Always feel satisfied, never hungry
  • No depriving yourself
  • Easily adjust your plan to your likes and lifestyle
  • Optimal health

During our online health consultation we'll...

  • Help you set attainable health and lifestyle goals.
  • Discover new healthy food alternatives and expand the variety of foods you enjoy.
  • Learn practical tips & tricks to ensure your success.
  • Fortify you against the effects of stress.
  • Boost your body with what it needs to heal your ailments

Why put up with feeling sick and tired any longer?

Imagine the life you could lead feeling fit, happy and experiencing non stop energy all day every day. This is your natural state! Book a consultation today and get ready for remarkable transformation.

What to expect...

Before we meet for your online health consultation, you'll be asked to fill out a four page health history form in order to get the most out of our first consultation and to maximize our time together. You'll also be asked to keep a food and drink journal for three days and to send that along to me.

The first online health consultation is 90 minutes and covers a complete evaluation. I will provide you with a few changes to implement the first week.

In order to reap the full benefits of my expertise and ensure success on your road to health, you may choose one of my, Optimal Health Packages, to receive continued support and guidance. We can talk more about that when we meet.

I will send you your own complete manual filled with information I've gathered over 25 years, that will take you step by step towards your weight loss and / or health goals.

We go into more detail of what is going on and give you

  • Your own personalized healthy eating plan
  • Suggestions for following a balanced, healthy lifestyle
  • Information regarding natural products
  •  Ideas for healthy snacks 
  • Clarity on your “Why”

As a naturopath I look at all aspects of your health, physical, mental, emotional and environmental. With conventional medicine often you take medication which may eliminate the symptoms, but the underlying cause still exists. Natural healing takes place gradually, over time.

It takes determination to make changes and sustain them.

Are you ready?  

My passion is in working with people who are committed to taking charge of their health.

I am here to support and encourage you in every way I can.

Let's chat! Feel free to contact me.