Ph test for Arthritis and Rosacea?

by Amy

I just bought your book and wondering if I should try the PH test too. I am 40 years old and in pretty good health. I do suffer from fatigue and arthritis in my hands and wrists which gets worse from time to time. I have Rosacea as well. I read the book and am a thyroid type person. Do you think the Ph test could help?


Sue-Anne's Reply:
Hi Amy,

First, I would want to be certain that you are a Thyroid type. You would generally be tall and slim, small boned, long arms and legs, and gain weight around the middle like a spare tire. You would be up very early, hungry first thing in the morning, never able to delay breakfast past 7:30 max, and hungry again in the morning, needing a morning snack. Needing lots of protein all day long,even though you prefer a vegetarian diet.

A thyroid type goes towards too much coffee, carbs and sweets to spike their energy up creating a roller coaster of up and down energy all day.

The thyroid type is not a night owl, forget about doing much after 9:30 or so and ready for bed by 10:30ish.

Does that sound like you?

Most people who want to lose weight are Adrenal Types or Gonad Types. Could you be a gonad type with hypoglycemia? Do you tend to gain weight on your lower body and do you have any cellulite? Usually Gonad types do.

Imperative to be eating for your body type to heal.

It would be good to do a pH test, You are very young to have fatigue and arthritis. Rosacea usually indicates some kind of congestion in the body.

A consultation with me could be a good idea to get you headed on the right path to healing all these things now, while you are young, to age without any ailments at all. The pH test would be included in the consult,


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