Vitamin D For Seasonal Affective Disorder

by Liz
(Qld Australia)

Does Vitamin D work to help seasonal affective disorder, commonly called SAD. To keep it at bay how much do you need to take every day? I had heard you could overdose on Vitamin D. If this is true, is it a particular type of Vitamin D that causes problems? And at what dosage are you likely to get sick.

I heard on TV that they were talking about taking it to prevent the flu. What dose does it take to boost your immunity? I am taking cholcalciferol 1000 iu and I live in Australia.

Thanks for your help.

Sue-Anne's Reply:
I would rather get to the cause of the SAD first to see if we can work to find the reason and cure it completely.

Nutritional factors to consider in mental health:
Blood sugar imbalance – important to reduce and eliminate sugar
Lack of protein
Lack of essential fatty acids
Specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies
Glandular weakness

If a lack of vitamin D is the cause then yes, it can help. Much research is being done on the effects of vitamin D and SAD and also to determine how much vitamin D we need per day. The RDA was set very low in the 1920s at 400 IUs per day. To help the immune system, prevent disease and many cancers 1000 IUs is preferable. Those doing the research are taking 4 to 5 times that amount.

The body produces 10,000 IUs in 1/2 hour of exposing the whole body to sunlight. Vitamin D toxicity from high amounts is extremely rare, you do not have to worry. Toxicity would probably occur with 40,000 IUs per day. Cholecalciferol or D3 is the best kind of vitamin D as it is most natural and easily absorbed.

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