by Carol
(United States)

Do you think it is better to take a multi-vitamin, or specific individual vitamins? I take Vitamin: Beta Carotene,Multi B, Ester C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Calcium with magnesium and zinc.
Would taking one multi-vitamin a day be as good as all these? I worry about the fact that the strength isn't enough in the multi?
What are your thoughts?
I am over 50 and in good health.
Vitamins get so confusing, because there are so many!
How do you really know what you need?

Sue-Anne’s Reply: Great question!
I work out a personalized plan for each client with the most beneficial vitamins or supplements for their specific needs at that time. So no, usually taking a multi-vitamin is not as good as individual vitamins. And yes, the doses are usually lower than the RDA. However, a good quality multi vitamin is better then nothing, especially for the elderly and athletes who have a higher need for vitamins and minerals.

You have many areas covered with what you are taking, good choices for boosting your immune system. The Beta Carotene works synergistically with multi B, Vitamins C, D and E. Your Ester C, Beta Carotene, vitamin E and zinc will give you antioxidants. The multi B is calming, so great for stress. Vitamin D, at least 1000 IUs is essential for everyone (new research is increasing that amount and a multi-vitamin will usually not contain that much.) Check the kind of calcium you are taking, calcium carbonate is not readily absorbable. More info on calcium can be found through the link on my page on osteoporosis.

It is good to take a break from some vitamins for a short period of time, preferably in the summer when we are getting fresher food, more exercise and sunshine.

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