My SBI review
and how it changed my life and my business

I wanted to write an SBI review so that you too can transform your life with this incredible product. It was December 2008 when a trusted friend suggested that if I wanted to build a website for my new business as a naturopath, that I use SBI or Solo Build It. I looked briefly at the website building program and knew it was a good thing right away, I was happy I easily found the best business building program, so I got started.

In the beginning I made a few mistakes, no doubt not taking enough time to review all the how tos in the Action guide and being overly anxious to get started. Thank goodness for the super friendly amazing forums where you can go in and ask any question at all, and submit your site for review. 

Other SBIers who have more knowledge of certain subjects will go in the forums and answer any question you ask! When I submitted my site for review one member showed me that some of the keywords I had chosen were too broad. Invaluable input, I learned how to choose keywords that many people were searching for, but that most sites weren't using, so it would  be easier to get more traffic to my site. The goal! 

Getting in the top 10 on Google searches

SBI takes you step by step through the process of how to build a website that gets traffic. And after a while, some of my pages were appearing in the top 10 and even top 1 or 2 on Google! 

I created my How to Increase Energy Ebook and I started getting people signing up to my newsletter list every day.

At the same time my local business as a certified naturopath and weight loss specialist began to grow. 

Over half of my NEW clients find my website and book appointments 

I see a lot of my "competition" and colleagues working very hard to get new clients, giving talks, networking, etc. And I do those things too, but the nice thing is I don't have to work very hard at those because I have a website that works for me!

When my potential clients find my site they're impressed by all the information I have on my site. And when they read the over 60 testimonials they're already convinced I am great at what I do, so they call me up and book a consult! No need for any selling on my side, or offering free "discovery sessions" like so many other naturopaths have to do. 

For my SBI review, I want you to know, SBI Rocks! 

When Google changed it's algorithms years ago and thousands watched their traffic nosedive, (mine was fine as I had built content rich, credible pages)  Ken Evoy, the founder of SBI (pictured right) worked tirelessly with studies and his team, letting everyone know exactly what to do to regain that traffic. And he is always front and center on top of everything, constantly striving to ensure that everyone using SBI succeeds. His goal, to help as many people as possible build a profitable online business.

Beware of fake negative reviews! 

If you search for SBI reviews you may come across negative reviews written by people who are paid to write false reports. Can you imagine that there are people who would stoop so low as to write fake reviews to try to help build up a worthless program that is basically just a scam?! 

True to form, SBI did a complete study demonstrating how SBI on average placed 3,300% more sites in the top bracket than the other program. Check out the results of that study here

SBI takes care of everything, and helps you succeed. I might not even have my practice if I didn't have my site, I would've had to work way harder to constantly find clients instead of focusing on my Passion and what I Love to do... helping my clients heal their ailments naturally and lose weight. 

Choose SBI if you want to succeed with
your local or online business.

I can not even begin to try to calculate all of the money I've made through using SBI as all the clients that come to see me then refer others and my practice grows and grows.

And let me tell you how nice it is to wake up and have an email from Pay pal informing me that yet another person has bought one of my ebooks, so I've made money while I sleep! Sweet!!

So you can see how you can succeed with a local business or take it to a global business with SBI.

And all this by spending the first year or two working hard to create my site and build a lot of pages and then ever since that time, mostly letting my site coast and not putting much time or effort into it. If I did spend more time on it, my income would be even higher. 

Off the charts support team

Another thing that sets this company apart from all the rest is the incredible support team they have, always willing to go the extra mile to ensure your every question is answered and giving their 150% to ensure your success.

In case you are wondering, I receive absolutely no payment for writing this review. I am just a really happy user of SBI! who wants to “pay it forward” to other folks like me, whether you have a local business or are thinking about starting an online one based on something that you know and love.

I hope you have enjoyed my Solo Build It review, I highly recommend you give them a try. They even have a 90 day money back guarantee. This is the company for you if you don't have the time to worry about what is working with Google etc and how to figure it all out. Leave that to Ken and his fabulous team while you create a profitable site about what you love!

Take your passion and make it happen, yes you can definitely succeed with SBI!