Can calcium consumed from bottled spring water cause iron deficiency?

by Carrie

My dad and I have been drinking a natural spring source bottled water which has quite a bit of calcium and magnesium in it. Recently we discovered that we are both iron deficient.

I read your article about too much calcium and wonder if all this extra calcium is preventing iron uptake. I knew the water had this in it and was using it purposefully because my dad was diagnosed with osteopenia, and I wanted to help him. How do you know when you have too much?

Sue-Anne's Reply:

That is a great question Carrie. It is difficult to know if you are getting too much calcium. But you would have to worry more if you were taking a large amount of calcium supplements, especially of poor quality such as calcium carbonate. I actually saw some in the dollar store the other day, scary!

The things that hinder iron absorption are: having a body that is overly acidic, antacids, (most women taking antacids will become anemic) antibiotics, and taking to much zinc, copper and magnesium.

Also, one of the main causes of osteopenia or osteoporosis is again, a body that is overly acidic. So the best thing for your father would be a pH test and to ensure that he keeps a proper acid, alkaline balance.

Is he getting and absorbing his protein well? Most people over the age of 50 would do very well with digestive enzymes, and in his case a protein digestive aid. There are many more suggestions on the pages about osteoporosis on my site.

You may want to find some good quality pure water with a little less calcium and magnesium.

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