Simple Desk Stretches 
to Alleviate Stress

A few of these simple desk stretches done a couple times per day will 
help you feel energized, relaxed, and more focused. Our bodies are made to move, we are not meant to sit in a chair all day. The best thing you can do for your body is to take periodic stretch breaks.

By stretching at your desk you'll instantly notice how good it feels for your back, neck, shoulders and wrists. All your tension will disappear and combined with deep abdominal breathing it's perfect for stress relief.

Use deep abdominal breathing during these stretches. Do not push further than is comfortable.

1. Sitting up nice and straight in your chair, feet firmly on the floor, inhale, stretch your arms up over your head interlacing the fingers, palms away from you, 
exhale, stretch to the right side. 
Inhale, stretch up to the center, 
exhale, stretch to the left. 
Repeat once more. 
Inhale, stretch up to the center, exhale, slowly lower the arms back down. 

desk stretches

2. Stretch your right arm up over your head, bend the elbow and let the hand come down behind your head. use your left hand to gently push the right elbow slightly back and down. Hold for a few deep breaths.

Repeat on the other side.

desk stretches

3. Sitting up straight, keeping the back straight and the shoulders even, inhale, lengthen the spine, lifting the crown of the head up, exhale, twisting to the right, holding on to the arm or the back of your chair. Hold for a few deep breaths. repeat on the other side.

desk stretches

4. Sit forward on the edge of your chair, clasp your hands together behind your back, interlacing the fingers, palms together. Gently pull the arms away from your back stretching out the shoulders, back and chest. Hold for a few deep breaths. 

desk stretches

Stretch At Your Computer DVD

Using this DVD will help you integrate regular power boosting stretch breaks to get the most out of your workday!

Stretch at Your Computer DVD brings a seasoned yoga expert to your workplace. Sue-Anne Hickey will take you through a full program that you can easily incorporate into your day.

  • 13 short segments to stretch key areas, including shoulders, neck, back and wrists.
  • Select the exercises you need for an energizing power break!
  • Breathing exercises help you focus during stressful moments.
  • Help prevent repetitive stress injuries, eyestrain and back problems.
  • Posture check helps you avoid long term strain.
desk stretches

DVD includes:

  1. Introduction
  2. Posture Check
  3. Deep Abdominal Breathing
  4. Thirteen Segments For Stretching Key Areas
  5. Guided Relaxation

In English and in French 

About Your Instructor:
Sue-Anne Hickey began practicing yoga in 1990. Soon after, she traveled to southern India where she learned to teach the discipline with the International Sivananda Yoga organization. Sue-Anne has taught yoga at numerous ashrams in India, meditation retreats in Thailand, and at Buddhist monasteries in Nepal. Since 1993, she has taught thousands of students in Montreal. Sue-Anne is passionate about all aspects of healthy living. As well as teaching yoga, she is a Naturopath.

Only 15$