How much calcium supplements for osteopania?

by Barbara
(Huntingtin, WV, USA)

I have osteopania and choose not to take the doctor prescribed meds. How much and what kind of calcium, vitamin d supplements should I take. I also have indigestion problems and reflux after 2 recent bouts with h pylori.

Sue-Anne's Relpy:

The main thing to note is that calcium may not be the answer to your osteopenia. The first thing is to ensure you are eating a healthy diet, managing stress well, maintaining a healthy weight and exercising.

Second, as long as your digestive system is not functionning as it should, your osteopenia will not get better. If your body is overly acidic, calcium is being leeched from the bones in order to balance pH and no amount of calcium will help this. Lowering your acidity will.

Aloe vera juice may help your acid reflux and acidity, but a complete evaluation is necessary to determine the cause and help you cure your digestive issues completely.

I would highly recommend a pH test to check your acidity levels. Once your pH is balanced then you can add in calcium supplements if you believe that you are not getting enough from your diet. Note that other minerals are also key. I have a lot of great information on helping osteoporosis or osteopenia on my site.

The body can only absorb around 200 mgs of calcium at a time, so ensure you take a small amount of calcium twice a day. Again, the page on my site talks about how calcium carbonate is to be avoided and which calcium supplements I recommend.

The amount of vitamin D we need is still being determined, but is increasing all the time. I recommend at least 1000 IUs per day.

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