Fast, Effective, Natural Relief 
for PMS Symptoms

What woman hasn't suffered from some form of PMS symptoms? 

I know that a few years ago, a few days before my period, the slightest thing would irritate or upset me immensely. That completely disappeared when I started taking a high quality B complex vitamin and B6 vitamin.

We can distinguish 4 Types of PMS.

One of the main causes of PMS symptoms is an unhealthy diet. You must eat a healthy diet in order to reduce your symptoms. 

Other causes are:

  • stress
  • heredity
  • a weakness in one of the glands or organs, often the thyroid, sometimes the liver or adrenal glands.
  • some medication
  • an illness
  • lifestyle
  • candida albicans


Depending on the severity of your symptoms, it will be necessary to avoid or eliminate some or all of the following from your diet.

  • refined sugar and any foods containing it
  • unhealthy fats
  • processed foods or junk food
  • salt and any foods containing it - especially for water retention, use sun dried sea salt only
  • additives
  • caffeine - studies show that women who drink coffee are 4 times as likely to suffer from severe PMS symptoms
  • alcohol
  • milk and dairy products (contains excess estrogen)
  • red meat (red meat contains excess estrogen)
  • drink plenty of pure, non-chlorinated water
  • do not take any diuretics

Nourishing foods 
for the reproductive system:

  • complex carbohydrates, especially whole grains
  • nuts and seeds (soaked overnight): sesame, sunflower pumpkin, almonds
  • egg yolks and food rich in lecithin
  • sprouts
  • wheat germ


  • It is important to reduce stress and to learn how to better handle stress.
  • Get plenty of fresh air and exercise
  • do not smoke
  • if you are on the pill, another form of birth control might be better for you
  • see a physician and/or a naturopath to have your liver and adrenal glands and your thyroid levels checked and to check for endometriosis, clinical depression, food sensitivities, food allergies, candida albicans, etc.


Please ensure that you buy the highest quality of vitamins, not those found in a pharmacy.

Vitamin A - 10,000 IU daily - 
Good for skin problems, acne, etc., nourishes the reproductive system. 

Vitamin C with bioflavonoids up to 3,000 mg daily - 
Reduces stress, strengthens the adrenals, reduces cramps, regulates flow, reduces swelling of the breasts.

Vitamin E - up to 400 IU daily - 
Good for sore breasts and other PMS symptoms including irritability, nervous tension and depression. Regulates the menstrual cycle and estrogen levels, reduces cramps, nourishes the ovaries.

Vitamin B Complex - approximately 100 mg of each B vitamin -
Prevents PMS symptoms: regulates hormones, helps with fatigue, sugar cravings and bloating, nourishes the nervous system, is very calming, energizes.

Vitamin B6 up to 50 mg daily -
*must be taken with a complex B, never alone, can be taken from day 14 to 28 of the cycle. 
Excellent for reducing irritability and mood swings, reduces water retention, regulates estrogen levels, good for sensitive breasts.

Essential Fatty Acids - Increase amount in 2nd half of cycle
Nourishes the ovaries, helps proper glandular function.

Calcium and Magnesium - make sure to take a chelated or citrate form of calcium, not calcium carbonate. Take magnesium chloride or a chelated form. Take magnesium with calcium, not alone.
Calcium - 1,500 mg daily, Magnesium - 1,000 mg daily
Both from day 20 to 28 of your cycle.
Reduces cramps and PMS symptoms, calms the nervous system, relaxes the muscles, good for head aches, depression, insomnia, and tension.

Chromium 200 mcg daily
Regulates blood sugar levels, helps with sugar cravings.

Iron - in a ferrous gluconate form - must be taken with vitamin C in between meals, not at the same time as vitamin E.
To prevent anemia if flow is heavy. Helps with fatigue, weakness and depression.

I have helped so many clients completely eliminate their PMS symptoms that they had been struggling with for years. 

There is no need to suffer, much can be done naturally! Contact me for an online consultation. Get to the root cause of your PMS issues and change your life forever.