Reversing T scores naturally

by Mary
(London UK)

I am 62 and am undergoing hormone therapy for breast cancer.

My T score is -2.8 for the spine and -2.1 for the hip. I have osteoporosis and celiac disease. How does my score compare with women of the same age. Can the scores be reversed? I have given up smoking.

Sue-Anne's Relpy:

Good for you for giving up smoking!

Your T scores are low and yes, there is much you can do to improve your scores. A colleague helped a woman whose test results at age 57 were -1.8 for the spine and -0.8 for the femur. 5 years later at age 62 her scores were -0.3 for the spine and -0.3 for the femur. So at age 62 she had the spine density of a 49 year old and the femur density of a 42 year old.

She improved her scores by eating more healthy, reducing stress and acidity, ensuring she was getting and absorbing adequate protein and taking vitamins and supplements. She didn't take any medication.

I have a lot of information on helping osteoporosis on my site.

I would highly recommend a pH test , to see if your body is overly acidic, as that is one of the main causes of osteoporosis. A body that is overly acidic leeches calcium from the bones.

Ensure that you are eating a very healthy diet with loads of fresh vegetables especially dark leafy greens. Avoid the 4 whites, white sugar, white flour, white pasta, white rice. Avoid coffee, tea and soft drinks.

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