Valerian for anxiety

by Jessica

What are your thoughts on VALERIAN as a natural remedy for reducing the symptoms of anxiety?

Also, I heard that Omega 3 fatty acids is a big help in decreasing symptoms of anxiety. Is this true in your opinion and in what dose would you recommend?

Sue-Anne's Reply:

I would first try to determine the cause of the anxiety and see what changes are needed, learning how to better manage stress, yoga, meditation, etc.

If there are emotional reasons then Bach Flower Remedies can be a big help.

I would suggest a very high quality Complex B vitamin combined with a high dose of B5 (pantothenic acid) for anxiety, short term. Up to 3 capsules of B5 (250 mg each) 3 times per day is very calming for extreme anxiety and very safe.

Valerian can cause dependance. It is not recommended long term as it can cause depression, and some people find it stimulating rather than calming.

Omega-3s are good for the body and especially good for the heart and brain, however I have not heard of them being good for anxiety. It's important to take a superior quality Omega 3 as cheap brands use fish that are very high in mercury.

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