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There are many things you can do for your constipation home remedy. As always, when taking a holistic approach to your health you must determine the constipation causes in order to treat the symptoms effectively. 

Constipation happens when you have bowel movements less than once per day and the stools are dry and hard. You should have one bowel movement for every meal, just as infants do. Ideally, 2 to 3 bowel movements per day. If you have less than one per day or feel the need to force when having a bowel movement, you are constipated.

Below, you will find 12 constipation causes, how to cure constipation.

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12 Things to do for your Constipation Home Remedy

1. Drinking plenty of pure water is essential to your constipation home remedy. 6 to 8 glasses per day. Try to avoid fruit juices, eat whole fruits instead. Avoid coffee, tea, soft drinks and drinks containing chocolate as they irritate the digestive system. 

2. Eat a high fiber diet and eat whole foods that are high in fiber for constipation prevention. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Beans, such as lentils, chickpeas, etc, are an excellent source of vegetable fiber. Sprouts are a rich source of fiber and as they are living, they give life!

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A high quality psyllium supplement is an excellent choice to avoid constipation. Avoid brands such as Metamucil which contain sugar or aspartame, food color, food additives and artificial flavor.

Psyllium is less irritating than wheat bran or oat bran. It absorbs bad fats in the intestine, helping to lower cholesterol. It also helps to increase the amount of friendly bacteria in the colon and adds volume to stools leaving the intestines healthy and clean. If you are constipated, start with a very small amount, 1/4 teaspoon with one glass of water, followed by a second full glass of water. Increase very gradually every few days working up to 1 to 2 Tablespoons per day. Always take with one glass of water, followed by a second full glass of water.

The gel from flax seeds is also good. Place 2 tablespoons and 1 cup of water in a small pot, bring to a boil. Remove from heat and let sit a few hours. Strain and drink the water and gel.

Constipation Home Remedy - What to Avoid! 

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3. For your constipation home remedy and prevention avoid white sugar, white flour, processed foods, refined foods and cheese. 

4. Do not use laxatives as they can make the intestine lazy. Laxatives drain calcium, magnesium and potassium from the body and can irritate the colon. Long term use of laxatives is directly related to osteoporosis. Herbal laxatives can be used for a short duration only.

Constipation Home Remedy - A healthy digestive system

5. Keep a healthy intestinal flora. If needed, take a good quality probiotic supplement daily with meals, especially if you have taken antibiotics. Most advertisements would like you to think you can get probiotics from yogurt but we can not get an adequate amount from store bought yogurt. It is broken down in the stomach, does not make it to the intestine, like a good probiotic will. Those taking insulin should consult a physician before taking a probiotic or any supplement.

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Probiotics such as Acidofilus Bifidus helps to:

  • keep the immune system healthy with a natural supply of antibiotics
  • maintain a healthy pH balance in the intestine
  • help calcium absorption
  • help digest protein
  • reduce cholesterol
  • help peristalsis and bowel movements
  • aid the liver with detoxifying

Constipation Home Remedy - What are you holding on to? 

6. Express yourself! 

Some people are literally “holding on to” what they need to express; anger, disappointment, etc. Often, unexpressed trauma relating to parental authority is expressed by constipation in children and in adults. What is stopping you from expressing yourself?

This is 100% key to alleviating your digestive issues. If you can not let go emotionally, you will not be able to let go physically. All physical symptoms have an emotional component, you need to work on both for long term success. 

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7. Move!

  • breathe
  • exercise
  • get outside
  • walk 20 minutes per day
  • use a mini trampoline

More Essential Tips For Your Constipation Home Remedy

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8. Get a massage. Massage yourself, your abdomen in a clock wise movement for a helpful constipation home remedy. Work the way the large intestine moves, starting at the lower right hand side, going up, across and down the other side.

9. Reflexology and shiatsu are good for constipation prevention.

10. Dry brush your skin, with a natural bristle dry body brush found in health food stores. This removes dead skin cells and allows the body to more easily eliminate all it needs to through the skin.

11. Don't resist the urge to have a bowel movement. This is an essential constipation home remedy tip.

12. Make the time to have a bowel movement, after breakfast or after a meal.

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