The Osteoporosis Diet
for Strong Healthy Bones

A healthy osteoporosis diet is important, as a healthy diet maintains proper pH balance in the body, which is essential for bone health.

Also, adequate protein is necessary to transport calcium in the body. Generally, the recommended daily allowance for protein is 46 grams per day for a woman, 56 for a man.

And you need to eat plenty of fresh, natural, whole ingredients, including organic vegetables, to provide the body with the minerals and vitamins the bones need.

Osteoporosis Diet

Osteoporosis and diet for healthy bones

  • Fresh and organic green and root vegetables in abundance
  • Fruits
  • Avoid simple carbohydrates
  • Make soup stock
  • Take colloidal minerals or mineral rich herbs
  • Drink plenty of pure water

For your osteoporosis diet simple carbohydrates to avoid are our "white foods." White sugar, white flour, white pasta, white rice and any foods containing them. Choose whole grains such as quinoa, spelt, kamut or whole wheat, brown rice, barley, and pasta or bread made with kamut, spelt, brown rice or whole wheat.

Can I get my calcium from milk?


See foods containing calcium to learn all about the calcium in dairy.

Osteoporosis Diet

It is interesting to note that people living in Finland, Sweden, Norway and North America consume the highest amount of dairy products in the world and have the highest incidence of osteoporosis! Cross-cultural data shows that countries consuming fewer dairy products, with much lower calcium intake than in North America, have much lower incidences of osteoporosis.1

The body constantly tries to maintain a healthy pH balance.

Over-acidity of the body causes a loss of alkaline minerals (calcium, magnesium and potassium) from the bones.

Major causes of an overly acidic body:

  • A highly refined diet with processed, packaged foods, foods high in sugar, soft drinks, coffee, etc.
  • Lack of oxygen (shallow breathing)
  • Poor digestion
  • Not enough fruits and especially vegetables in the diet
  • Stress
  • Hyperinsulinemia

It is imperative to your health to maintain pH balance in the body to ward off disease and especially osteoporosis. You can easily test your body pH. 

Vegetables are the most alkalizing foods you can eat. Make two thirds of your plate vegetables, one third protein and carbohydrates.

By making changes to your diet you can increase your bone health and strength.

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1. Melton, L., and B. Riggs, "Epidemiology of Age-Related Fractures," The Osteoporotic Syndrome: Detection, Prevention and Treatment ed. L. Avioli,(New York: Grune and Stratton, 1983) 45-72