Women Body Types 
Female Body Types

The four women body types are each completely different. They crave different types of foods. They have different personality traits. Different body shapes, etc.

What's amazing is... that once you have the answer to the question...

What is my body type? 

photo of the 4 body types

You can start to follow your personalized body type diet and lose weight easily.


It's all about balance. 

It's all about nourishing your body with the right foods 
at the right time.

What happens is that often one of the four glands that we distinguish is over working and the others are weaker, trying to catch up. When you eat right for your type you allow the gland that is over working to rest and you boost up the other glands.

The results?

  • Weight loss where you want it
  • Fewer cravings
  • More balanced, steady energy all day long
  • More strength and stamina so fewer ailments and illness
  • Feeling satisfied and full, no need to deprive yourself

Ok, then, so let's jump in ans see if you can figure out which of the 4 women body types you are....

The Four Women Body Types

Ok, so let's look at each of the women body types at a glance and get a brief overview of each female body type.

Please Note: *It is not always possible to determine a body type by looking at the body shape. As a Naturopath I have had many tall slim clients come to see me whom I thought were Thyroid types. When I did a complete evaluation, I found out that was not the case.

You can determine your type and learn more about your body type diet plan by booking a free discovery call

The first of the 4 women body types: The Thyroid Body Type 

pic of one of the women body types the thyroid body type
  • Gains weight around the middle
  • Delicate build, not too muscular
  • Up and down energy, but a morning person
  • Nervous, enterprising and impatient
  • Extroverted
  • Creative
  • Likes change and stimulants
  • Enjoys sweets, carbohydrates, fruits, pasta, coffee and tea

The second of the 4 women body types:The Adrenal Body Type

pic of one of the women body types the adrenal body type
  • Upper body is dominant, chest area
  • Tendency to be muscular and physically strong
  • A square type appearance
  • Tolerant, dominating and warm
  • Sociable
  • Very stable energy
  • Does not like the unexpected, surprises and creativity
  • Enjoys meats, sweets, wine, fatty foods and salty food

The third of the 4 women body types:The Pear Body Type or Gonad Type

pic of one of the women body types the gonad or pear body type
  • Lower body is bigger than the upper body
  • Accumulates fat from the waist to the knees
  • Saddle bags and very often, cellulite
  • More energy at night
  • Maternal instinct, responsible and generous
  • Very giving nature, does not like competition
  • Enjoys spicy food, fried food and salty food

The fourth of the 4 women body types:The Pituitary Body Type

pic of one of the women body types the pituitary body type
  • Accumulates fat a little all over the body
  • Young appearance
  • A morning person
  • A lively, curious spirit
  • Introverted
  • Lacks intuition
  • Enjoys dairy and sugar

Have you figured out which of the 4 female body types you are?
Do you need some help? 

Pic of Sue-Anne

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So that you will no longer be eating unhealthy snacks in between meals.

When you nourish your body with the right foods at the right time for your female body type you'll feel satisfied, not hungry. You'll lose the weight where you most want to?

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