Compulsive Emotional Eating

compulsive emotional eating

What Are You Doing to Gain Weight?

Today I have an important question for you...

What are the emotions that are keeping the weight in place?

Do you overeat because you have a very painful memory and food is your comfort or protection? 

Do you overeat because you feel...

  • Lonely
  • Sad
  • Bored
  • Scared
  • Angry
  • Anxious
  • Frustrated
  • Stressed

Say you answered,  "I eat because I feel sad and lonely."

 Imagine watching someone feeling very sad and lonely. Could you send them emotions that would soothe them? Could you show them some empathy?

 What would you say?

"Love, you're going to be ok."

"It's ok to feel sad." 

Just through your imagination, you can soothe yourself. You can get closer emotionally. Imagine doing this everyday, sending yourself love to soothe your own pain or fear. How powerful that would be. 

This is a wonderful short video by Brené Brown on empathy.

Can you show yourself some empathy and connect with that sad part of you, allowing it to be, and working through it? Give it a try! 

Compulsive Emotional Eating

Allowing feelings to be there

I have a 20 year old client who has lost 30 pounds and 14 inches off her chest waist and hips, so far. She is well on her way to reaching her ideal weight.

She told me a while back that when she felt sad one weekend, she just stayed with the feeling and it passed away and she realized that she could do that any time, where as in the past she might've overeaten when she was feeling sad, upset or stressed.

I thought that she had the answer to the worlds problems right there.

Compulsive Emotional Eating

Feelings come and go, ride the waves.

We live in a society of quick fixes, that tells us that it's not ok to feel sad, angry, depressed, and that we should always feel good, which is totally wrong. We can use alcohol, drugs, overwork, shopping, and yes, food, or compulsive emotional eating, to stuff those feelings back down, not feel them, and feel "better."  The food industry feeds on this, with a never ending variety of unhealthy snacks that we think will make us feel better. 

If you're feeling badly, know that it is temporary, just be with it and  know that it will soon pass. 

Painful memories

Compulsive Emotional Eating

If you are dealing with a painful memory, sometimes you can do the work yourself and sometimes it may be best to work with a professional such as myself. 

I'm an R.T .T. Licensed practitioner.RTT stands for Rapid Transformational Therapy. It's basically a very powerful and efficient modality using deep relaxation to accesses the subconscious mind. We go back to scenes in your life where you picked up limiting beliefs.

We change the interpretation that you made, and we let go of all the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that have been holding you back.  We reframe them and give you new beliefs and a more positive mindset, that align with your desires. Typically in less than 3 sessions.

Can you enter a space of compassion for yourself?  Journaling can be very beneficial.   Explore, some of the decisions you took at that time, What did you learn? What happened before and after?

What meaning did you give the experience?

For some, it may be that you learned or decided that "I'm not good enough." 

Are there other memories there when you felt, "not enough?" 

You can shift the meaning. What can you decide now that will change it?

Perhaps you let a moment freeze you in time

A key decision can be re-made. 

You already have what you've been looking for, it's always there.

  • Your inner knowing
  • Your inner trust
  • Your inner guide
  • Your tender heart

If you're filled with that, there's less tension, stress, worry. In the opening up you can find the truth...

That you are amazing, you are worthy and deserving and you deserve everything your heart desires.

If you're struggling with emotional eating, I can help. I've helped tons of clients breakthrough all the different aspects of their weight gain, to allow them to step into the healthy vision of their best self. Work with me to finally be free of your emotional eating for good. 

compulsive emotional eating

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