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How can you have natural healthy skin? Beauty is certainly more than skin deep. There are many things to consider in order to discover the real secrets of healthy skin.

Please see below for natural remedies for your specific skin ailments such as dry skin and adult acne.

Years ago I was plagued with blemishes, my complexion was a ghostly white and I had eczema on my hands for about 20 years.

natural healthy skin

When I began taking my classes to be a Naturopath I discovered exactly what my body needed and the best kinds of food for my body type. I made changes to my diet. I learned how to better manage stress. I tested my pH and found out I was overly acidic. I took some supplements and vitamins to balance out what I was missing.

My eczema completely disappeared never to return. My skin began taking on a healthy glow. Every time I looked in the mirror I couldn't believe the rosy color in my cheeks as I had always been so pale!

Needless to say I have continued along my healthy lifestyle and my energy and strength just keep on increasing. Most often I am given 10 years younger than my actual age. And now I am able to help teach others how to transform their health and regain their healthy glow.

OK, So let's get started!

The Secrets of Healthy Skin

I've mentioned in a few other places on my site that 
the body has 5 ports of elimination:

  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • Lungs
  • Colon and the
  • Skin
  • So the first and most important thing to understand with natural healthy skin care is that all 5 ports of elimination must be working optimally.

    You may have noticed that if you eat some kind of heavy fried food or some potato chips you can pretty well be guaranteed to have a pimple or a breakout the next day. Why is that?

    The liver can only handle a certain amount of heavy fried food, or excess toxins. After that it has to find another method to rid the body of this oil overload ( ie another port of elimination), hence it uses the skin and pimples are the result.

    Similarly, many skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, etc, are due to the same reason. One or more ports - usually the liver or colon - are overworked and not working as well as they should, so the toxins are coming out through the skin.

    Therefore, it is essential to:.

    avoid constipation, eliminate 3 times per day, 

    do a detox twice per year and 

    check with a Naturopath to determine the exact cause of your skin problems and to ensure your liver and organs are functioning well.

    Natural Healthy Skin Care

    • Ensure proper digestion and assimilation of all foods
    • Drink plenty of pure water to hydrate the skin and to ensure the kidneys are functioning optimally
    • Get enough rest
    • Sunshine in moderation
    • Breathe fresh air every day
    • Do not smoke
    • Dry brush the skin
    • Regulate any glandular problems
    • On the emotional side learn how to better manage stress and anxiety

    A healthy diet for skin is of course of utmost importance.

    As well as vitamins for healthy skin


    I had been trying to get rid of hives, which sometimes covered half my body, for 4 years. I had seen general practitioners, and allergist and had tried drugs and medication, nothing worked.

    After following Sue-Anne's guidelines the hives disappeared and have not reappeared.

    Rachel L.

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